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USA J1 Agriculture Internships


The J1 Agricultural Program has been developed to allow international agriculturalists to pursue training in the area of agri-business in order to improve their knowledge of advanced agrarian practices, techniques, methodologies and expertise while enhancing their knowledge of American culture. Being a J1 program, a customized training plan is prepared for each participant that outlines specific objectives and phases of training and supervision and evaluation procedures to be used during the program.

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Throughout the USA. Area preferences will be taken into consideration, however not guaranteed. Some popular locations are Nebraska, Colorado, Tennessee, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, South and North Dakota.

Types of Farming
We mainly place in Swine and Poultry however can also possibly find placements in :
Field Crops
Turf Management

Monthly Stipend and Inclusions
Positions are very different based on experience and your actual role during your placement. Common inclusions for the program are a monthly stipend ranging from $800 to $1200 per month, inclusive of housing and some meals. Some interns and trainees earn an hourly rate starting from $7.25. Some interns are provided with meals, cars and so forth, to have the best possible information about positions, chat with our local OVC office to find out what is available at the time of your application.


* Only vaccinated travellers will be allowed to apply for a J1 Visa to partake in the Internship programs. (Recognised Vaccines: Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson)

General Participant Qualities
- Be at least 19 years old and not yet reached their 35th birthday
- Applicants must arrive in the USA before their 35th birthday
- Have sufficient funds
- Have proficient English skills to perform internship activities
- Males only

Qualifications and Experience Required
Internship applicants/participants must:
- Either be currently enrolled in and pursuing studies at a degree - or certificate-granting post-secondary academic institution outside the U.S. or graduated from such an institution no more than 12 months prior to his or her exchange visitor program start date
-Enter the U.S. to participate in a structured and guided work-based internship program in his or her specific academic field

Training applicants/participants must:
- Possess either a degree or professional certificate from a foreign post-secondary academic institution and at least one year of prior related work experience in his or her occupational field acquired outside the U.S., or five years of work experience outside the U.S. in his or her occupational field.
- Enter the U.S. to participate in a structured and guided work-based training program in his or her specific occupational field.

Start/Finish Dates

Applicants are able to depart any time of the year. Your program placement will be for 12 months

Visa Info

J1 Intern or Trainee Agriculture visa

Trainee Visa (12 months)
a) A professional qualification (certificate/degree/diploma) and at least 1 year’s professional experience in the same field
b) At least 5 years experience in the agricultural field.

Internship Visa (12 months)
a) Current students
b) Are within 12 months of your last exam once completed your qualification


Admin fee R4200 (non refundable)
Program fee $1110
Other fees $220 SEVIS Visa Fee
Visa fees $160
Travel Insurance Medical Insurance is Included, What you do have to pay for is " Trip interruption Coverage" insurance which is $100
Airfare (approx) R10 000 - R20 000 (depending on placement location)
Recommended Spending Money $700


OVC will assist with the application process. Setup an appointment with your local OVC office to find out more about the program. OVC will also go through in detail the process from your very first appointment to the day you land in America.

Once you have visited the OVC and have all the necessary documentation, all applicants must pay the admin/application stated above in order to receive the application forms and begin the application process.

OVC will assist with your screening, placement, visa, flights and see you safely on your way to the USA.

More Info

Multicultural Program Requirements

Cultural exchange is an important aspect of this program. All participants should be encouraged to interact with American citizens. Interaction with groups, families, professional societies, religious, community and company-related social activities should be encouraged. Each community in the United States has its own unique culture, such as seasonal festivals and fairs, community and/or religious events.

Participants should take advantage of the opportunity to experience cultural activities and should embrace the concept of exposing themselves to these cultural experiences.

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