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Status : Program Open
Embassy : Open
Vaccination Required : No
PCR Required to Enter : No

The Au Pair USA program allows young South Africans to spend  one or two years in the USA with a host family. All accommodation, meals, a stipend, 60  hour course allowance and free flights are included. Your program year begins with a free 2-night stay in New Jersey and an amazing NEW YORK CITY TOUR” with au pairs from around the world.

Host families and au pairs are carefully screened to ensure safety for everyone. Au pairs are recruited from over 40 different countries. The program is a USA Department of State regulated program, so you can be assured of your safety while travelling. Your well-being is our number one concern.

OVC partners with 2 amazing agencies in the USA who have placed over 40 000 Au Pairs all over the USA since the 1980’s. The au pair program is so popular among young South African women because it is an all-inclusive package deal, an extremely safe way to travel to the USA and a very rewarding experience. Travel, earn, study and explore! Gain independence and make memories to last a lifetime, all while living with your new American host family!

Program Benefits

There are many benefits to becoming an au pair in the United States.  Not only will you make new friends, travel the USA and gain valuable work experience, you will also receive the following wonderful benefits:

• J-1 Visa Sponsorship
• Flight to and from the United States
• Travel and accident insurance package for 12 months
• Au Pair Academy childcare training and introduction to America
• A private bedroom in your familys home
• 1 1/2 free days per week, plus 10 days of paid vacation during your program year
• Up to $500 USD in education money to attend college classes (you must complete 6 credits or the equivalent thereof)
• 24-hour emergency line and continuous support from your local Area Director
• Monthly cultural events with other au pairs in your area, organized by partners
• Opportunity to extend your program for another 6, 9 or 12 months
• 30 days to travel the country at the end of your program

EXCLUSIVE TO OVC Highest Au Pair Stipend in South Africa

*The U.S. Department of State calculation of the minimum weekly stipend of $195.75 is based on the federal minimum wage with a 40% deduction for room and board in exchange for childcare services.
Host families and au pairs are free to agree to compensation higher than the legally applicable minimum.

OVC partners with an amazing sponsor to offer the highest paid au pair program in South Africa, where applicants don’t earn $195.75 they earn $215 per week!!! This means you will earn $1000 more per annum as an au pair with OVC!

EXCLUSIVE TO OVC – Au Pair Connect

Hello New York City! We present a New York welcome and adventure for arriving au pairs. Host families and au pairs asked for a new in-person opportunity, and we are ready to hit the town! Let’s have some fun and make some lasting friendships in NYC before beginning an amazing program year!
New au pairs arriving from overseas will receive a warm welcome to the United States. Au pairs will fly from their home country to the NYC area and attend a 2-day welcome event that includes making new friends, cultural immersion to the United States, a fun all-day tour of New York City, and group activities setting them up for success in their program year.
This unique experience will help au pairs connect with each other and with the United States, setting up a terrific start to their program year with their host families, with au pairs feeling confident, connected, and supported.

Au Pair Responsibilities

Living with an American host family and working as an Au Pair is a unique and rewarding experience. Au Pairs are responsible for providing quality childcare for up to 45 hours per week, including the following:
- Playing with the children and keeping them safe
- Preparing meals and snacks for the children
- Helping to keep the children’s rooms tidy
- Bathing and dressing the children
- Helping school-age kids by packing lunches, taking them to school and helping with homework
- Entertaining the children and teaching them about your culture
- Taking the children on outings to parks, playgroups and other activities
- Travelling with your host family on vacations and providing care for the children
Your responsibilities as an au pair are limited to child care and related duties. You will not be expected to perform tasks that are not related to children or include heavy manual labour. However, as a family member, you may be asked to participate in duties that a typical family member would help with.


- Females aged 18 - 26 (Apply latest 26.5 years. Arrive before turning 27)    
- Male candidates 18-26
- Single and have no dependants
- Matric or high school equivalent
- Passion to work with children
- Must have extensive childcare experience
- Fit and healthy
- Valid driver’s license
- Valid Passport (SA, Namibian and some other African Nationalities)

Start/Finish Dates

Departures year round from Multiple Airports in South Africa and also Windhoek, Namibia.

Visa Info

J1 Cultural Exchange Visa valid for 12 months, with the option to extend for an additional 6, 9 or 12 months. A 30 day grace period to travel the USA upon successful completion of your Au Pair contract.


Admin fee R4950
Program fee R7500
Other fees R315 Collect for free from DUR/JNB/CPT/PTA DHL office. Pay the fee for delivery to your home
Visa fees $185 Visa
Travel Insurance FREE
Airfare (approx) FREE
Recommended Spending Money $500


Visit your local OVC office to receive the application link and forms. Complete the application requirements and attend an in-person interview. Your application will be forwarded to the USA. You will begin to hear from families and screen them to ensure you are choosing the right family for you. Once you have successfully matched, OVC will assist in obtaining your J1 Cultural Exchange Visa. On approval of your visa, you will travel to the USA to begin the adventure of a lifetime.

More Info

Spending Money

Funds cover the following costs:

1. Personal Expenses while on New York Connect
2. Dinner Tuesday, Lunch and Dinner Wednesday on NY Connect
3. Baggage check-in should you be flying Thursday to your Host Family
4. Any travel-related expenses along route
5. All personal items from arrival in America until your first pay check of $215 the following Friday after arriving (2 weeks later)

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