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Agriculture Australia


“Experience the real Australia... and get paid doing it!!”

Spend 12 months working the Aussie outback – earning good money, upgrading your skills and seeing Australia. Guaranteed work (over 1800 employers) in a job that suits you. Jobs include cattle and sheep stations, horses (polo stables, racehorses, etc.), motorbike work, tractor and plant drivers, welding and mechanical assistance, agricultural tourism and fish farming, to name a few. No positions available in the cities or on the coast. Work a minimum of 40 hours per week.  Most jobs provide FREE food and accommodation.


This is a “sponsored” working visa for one year. It is specifically for those who have studied or trained in agriculture or grown up on a farm or had at least 2 years experience working on a farm - this could include any form of agricultural work with sheep or cattle, crops or engines, diesel mechanics; it also includes shearers and veterinarians.

It is also available to well qualified young people with any other skills which can be used in rural and outback Australia – such as nurses, teachers, construction workers, miners, all trades, hospitality and tourism workers and those who work in any branch of adventure tourism. It is also available to those who are agricultural mechanics, diesel engineers or experience in other branches of agriculture including aquaculture.

Also, open to those from an equine background and are fully competent in handling horses safely and possess practical experience in the daily care and maintenance of horses.  Participants may also have skills in areas such as working with racehorses or thoroughbred breeding, competing in polo, polocrosse, eventing, showing or endurance riding.

- South African Passport Holders
- Matric Cert or Higher
- Ages between 18 - 30yrs
- Good command of the English language –  Level IELTS 4.5
- Must have drivers Licence
- Must have Police Clearance
- Must have own Credit card for funds.
- All candidates must complete a telephone interview before being accepted into the program.
- Couples will be accepted but must understand that it will limit their job options.
- Vegetarians will find it difficult – specialised food is not readily available.

Start/Finish Dates

12 Month program - starting at any time throughout the year, but please note that the applications office is closed from the 15th of December through to the 15th of January every year.  The application process takes approximately 3 - 6 months.

More Info:
Please note the following:
You must have a return ticket to SA
900$ spending money on a credit card on arrival
Full travel  insurance
A police clearance certificate on application
A full medical and TB x-rays for visa application
A refundable bond of AUD$1000 will be charged to all successful applicants

Visa Info

Please note: Australia is one of the most difficult countries for South Africans applying for a work visa. This paid opportunity is available exclusively to those with agricultural experience and/or qualifications, or who are taking a gap year from studying in agricultural subjects or pre or post qualifying. The visa application is as follows:
Once you have received your letter of acceptance, your completed application is submitted to the Department of Immigration in Australia (including application fee, travel insurance, passport photo, police clearance).
You will be notified of the visa approval and will then be required to do a full medical at a designated doctor.
The entire process from start to finish can take up to 3 - 6  months.
OVC will assist you every step of the way!


Admin fee R3500
Program fee $4570 (AUD) R50 000
Other fees $1000 (AUD) R10 900 Refundable Bond. Medical X-ray Report
Visa fees Included in Program
Travel Insurance $730 (AUD) Paid for when Ticket is booked
Airfare (approx) R12 000 - R16 000
Recommended Spending Money $900(AUD) Approx. R10 000


Please scan and email the following documents to your nearest OVC office:

1) Application form
2) Matric certificate showing subjects studied
3) OVC indemnity form
4) Safety form
5) Passport photo page – certified
6) Drivers licence
7) Detailed CV
8) Colour photo in Jpeg format, doing something agricultural
9) Interview form signed and completed
10) Form 1416 and 956a completed and signed
11) Reference from current job
12) All certificates pertaining to your agricultural studies/experience
13) Police clearance certificate

Please note you will also have to pay for your OWN medical and Xray.

More Info

The First nine days of your arrival
Meeting at Brisbane Airport
4 days / 4 nights at Halse Lodge in Noosa - acclimatisation, jet lag recovery, and a little Aussie beach life
5 days / 4 nights Introduction to Australian Farming course
Travel to the chosen employer
Work for 12 months (with holiday as agreed with the employer)
Return home after 12 months
$1000 bond repaid at time of return home
Induction paperwork including opening a bank account, applying for a Tax File Number
Choose a t-shirt and an Aussie Allrounder broad-brimmed hat and a water bottle.

Employment is normally expected to be for 12 months, with normal statutory holiday breaks as required.
Accommodation and food are normally provided by the employer and small deductions may be made from gross pay to cover this provision.
Starting pay rates are at the statutory minimum wage award rates. Typically this means take-home pay of just under $500 per week after food and accommodation and tax at 15% have been deducted, based on a 40 hour week.
(18 and 19 year olds are paid at 80% and 90% of this rate respectively)
Generally speaking, it is relatively easy to save money while working in rural Australia. There is not much to spend your money on. Savings of $2,000 per month are quite realistic, and significantly more money can be earned when more hours are available at busy times such as the harvest, sowing or other times of high work rate. Good workers with good skills are very likely to be offered extra hours when available