UK Settlement Visa


Spousal Category
There are various types of visas which would fall under this category: Settlement/EEA Family Permit and dependents of someone who has indefinite leave to remain in the UK, being amongst them. These visas are to enable dependants to live with their families in the UK while being able to work in their field of expertise at the same time. (Children under 18 would qualify as dependents).


You can join your husband, wife, unmarried partner, civil partner, fiancé or proposed civil partner in the UK, providing you meet the requirements for each of the mentioned permits. If you are a commonwealth citizen married to, or a child of: British passport holders/EU passport holders or someone who has indefinite leave to remain in the UK, you may qualify.

Start/Finish Dates

All year round.

Visa Info

The OVC has a long and proud association with the United Kingdom. Our consultants have vast experience in this field and offer you the individual attention that you deserve. The information provided on this site is merely a guideline. Should you require in-depth expert advice, please contact your local OVC. We offer personalised individual consultations to ensure that your needs are met.

As of late, the British High Commission has become quite strict regarding the documentation accepted. As most of these visas are quite costly, you can appreciate the fact that we treat every application as per the circumstances. The OVC consultants are highly trained and are able to assess your situation and steer you in the right direction.

The initial duration is at the discretion of the consulate. Extensions would be applied for in the UK and cannot be done from South Africa. You will need to show that you are still married to your sponsor.

OVC will provide you with an A-Z service, including visa assistance, step by step

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Service fee R7000
Other fees TB X-rays, IELTS and NHS surcharge
Visa fees TBA
Travel Insurance Varies
Recommended Spending Money Varies, depends on income and savings


All adult applicants would need to do the English exam and submit an IELTS certificate.
If they have a degree, have this verified by Naric.

NHS surcharge GBP400 pa, paid for 2,5 years.

*Police clearance required

TB certificate to be submitted with application

More Info

Please note that the information provided on this page is of a generic nature and should not be used in its entirety. OVC conducts a specialised visa service that takes your individual situation into account before generating a list of confirmed requirements. Your consultant will be able to add value to your case after a full assessment is conducted. Call your nearest office today!


Married to a UK passport holder/person with indefinte leave to remain.?
Minor children of the above applicant can also apply.

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