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The OVC name is legendary in SA..... formed in the 1950-60's by the late MAX WILSON & Partners, who offered the 1st cut-rate travel deals with chartered flights and passenger liners to meet demand for tickets to Britain.

Flights took as long as 3 days and a sea travel ticket sold for 35 pounds with a free week's stay at the OVC hostel in London and a show ticket!

The 1960's saw OVC reach a peak. London was on the crest of a wave, with the swinging sixties hosting Rock 'n Roll , the Twist and the Beatles ruling the charts year after year.

While many an Aussie, Kiwi and Canadian settled in the UK, the political situation changed the SA's chances of becoming a "Rooinek" and the OVC sadly had to close its doors in 1973 when SA was expelled from the Commonwealth - ending a wonderful and exciting era of travel for South Africans..... 


OVC comes alive again! 
As a 23 year-old doing his "Working Holiday" thing, Hylton Ross worked at the OVC Cocktail Lounge as pianist in 1962. His memories of its success formula were still clear in his mind when he reregistered the famous OVC name in South Africa in 1988. The reintroduction of a travel service for young budget travellers was an immediate success..... in those days the OVC members took a train to Johannesburg to catch a flight.
Hylton Ross was renowned for trumpeting a "Fare well - Bon Vogage" to the members leaving for Jhb.


Recently OVC joined forces with South Africa's largest independent travel agency, "Club Travel". Today OVC has 11 offices in South Africa and 1 in Namibia, and continues in the tradition of offering budget working adventures abroad. The company is franchised and is managed through a central Head Office. Our company goal is to offer study, work and travel opportunities abroad to young South Africans.