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Standard 120-Hour Online Teacher Program Advanced 150-Hour Online Teacher Program
This option includes the 120-Hour Online TEFL course with tutor support, Lifetime Support, Access to our Resource Library, and the self-study Mentorship Program Instead of the live Program.
This option includes the 120-Hour Online TEFL course with tutor support, Lifetime Support, Resource Library Access, a Spot in our Monthly Mentorship Programs, and our 30-Hour Online Practicum
R2900 R5300
120-hour Online TEFL Course with Tutor-Graded Assignments 120-hour Online TEFL Course with Tutor-Graded Assignments
  30-Hour Online Teaching Practicum
Self-Study TEFL mentorship course Live monthly TEFL mentorship program
Lifetime Support Lifetime Support
Access to our Resource Library Access to our Resource Library

Whether you want to work from home or while travelling the world, teaching English online is the perfect career for you. It is a great career for stay-at-home parents, retirees, university students, or anyone who wants an ethical, sustainable online career. You can schedule your classes around your family commitments, travel schedule, or work part-time to supplement your income.

Digital Nomad or Work From Home?
Teaching English online is a great career for anyone that wants to be their own boss and have the flexibility to spend more time with family or travel the world while earning an income.  
We’ll help you get certified online and provide practical online teacher training, resume resources, job support or help you get set up as a freelancer.

What We Do
We don’t just sell courses. We help people start long-term careers teaching English online from home or anywhere with an Internet connection.  All of this can be achieved while making a positive impact in the lives of people all over the world by teaching English online. But to have a sustainable career with reliable income teaching online, you need more than just a teaching certificate.
That’s why at eTEFL Online Teacher Training, we’ve created Online Teacher Programs by including everything you need for a successful career into 1 of 3 bundles.
With these bundles, we’ll provide teacher training, accredited certifications, coaching, mentorship, and guidance every step of the way to ensure you make a success of your new career teaching

English online from anywhere!
What Equipment do you Need?
Getting set up is relatively easy as you probably already have almost everything you need. You will need a laptop or desktop computer, a headset with microphone, and a fast, stable Internet connection.

Hardware requirements:
  • At least an i5 processor or equivalent (2 GHz or higher)
  • At least 4GB of RAM
  • Noise canceling headset and mic
  • HD Webcam
Internet requirements:
At least 10 Mbps download and 5 Mbps upload speeds. You can test your Internet speed here 
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What We Include In Our Online Teacher Training
Our Online Teacher Training Courses (TEFL/TESOL)
A well-structured teacher training course is the cornerstone of your online teaching career. Choose from our accredited 120-hour or 150-hour online teacher training courses.
Or if you already have a teaching certification, choose one of our Mentorship Upgrade Bundles, where we will meet with you over Zoom in a 10-hour live program to help you prepare you documents and profiles, to help you get interviews and private students.
Mentorship and Recruitment
After you have completed your teacher training, you will need to create your resume, freelance profiles, and start applying for jobs while building up your student base.
The 10-hour Mentorship Program included in our Online Teacher Bundles will give you all the templates, resources, guidance, and support to create these documents and profiles. We’ll also help you get job interviews and private students.
Career and Community Support
Now that your training is complete and you have completed our Mentorship Program, we provide ongoing support through our Online Teacher Community groups on Facebook and WhatsApp. You will have lifetime support from us and your fellow online teachers so you are never alone on your journey towards a new career teaching English online.
Our Programs
eTEFL Online’s Online Teacher Programs are designed for people with no previous teaching experience or seasoned teachers who want to transition online. They include modern English teaching courses, partner programs, practical online teacher training with real ESL students, tutor support, ongoing professional development, career mentorship and guidance, and lifetime support.  
Online Teacher Training Programs (Bundles)
Creating a successful, sustainable online teaching career takes more than just a teaching certification. That’s why we’ve created the Online Teacher Training Programs bundeles to compile all the resources, courses, coaching, mentorship, and support you need into 1 comprehensive bundle.
What’s Included in Our Training Programs?

 Our primary focus is on training great teachers by providing modern, industry-leading training courses and unrivaled, ongoing support. We also include everything else you will need to have a successful online teaching career.
We include our fully-accredited 120-Hour Online Teacher Training Courses which cover the academic aspects of online teaching like how to teach grammar, prepare an effective lesson, and measure your students’ progress.
You can also choose to include our 30-Hour Online Teaching Practicum where you will gain experience and confidence in teaching English online, our 10-Hour TEFL Mentorship Program,  lifetime support, and resource library access.
You can learn more about these courses and practicums by scrolling down.
Our Online Teacher Training Bundles
Choose from our Standard 120-Hour TEFL online training program which includes a self-study TEFL mentorship course.
Our 120-Hour Professional or 150-Hour Advanced Training Programs which include career coaching through the live TEFL Mentorship program and 30 hours of additional online teaching practice through our Online Teaching Practicum.
120-Hour Online TEFL Course Outline
Our 120-Hour Online TEFL course will provide you with the foundational knowledge, tools, and techniques you need to become a confident and effective online English teacher.
During the course, you will study the following modules:
Module 1 - How to be a good teacher - What are the characteristics of good teachers? What are the different teaching roles that teachers take on? What are some of the major pedagogies used in TEFL today?
Module 2 - How to manage a classroom
Module 3 - How to plan lessons
Module 4 - About English
Module 5 - How to teach speaking, listening, reading, and writing - How do learners often approach the four skills? What are some suggested activities for teaching all four skills?
Module 6 - How to teach grammar
Module 7 - Teaching a new language
Module 8 - Evaluating and testing
Module 9 - How to teach young learners - What is the role of the brain in second language acquisition? How does this role affect the way young learners learn? What are some of the major differences between teaching young and adult learners?
Module 10 - Teaching online
Module 11 - How to teach business English
Modules include:
  • Essential background information
  • Links to quality online resources
  • Reflection exercises
  • Review questions
Assessment is in 3 parts:
  • two reflective essays
  • one narrative lesson plan
  • multiple-choice exam
30-Hour Online Teaching Practicum
In this program, you will:
  • build confidence and gain experience in teaching English online
  • observe six ESL teachers in both classroom and online settings using a specially-designed observation form
  • have a 1-on-1 meeting over Zoom with your practicum coach to train you in the online tools and software required and to plan your first online lesson
  • teach a total of ten 30-minute lessons to real ESL students through our partner school program
  • reflect on each teaching experience, allowing for continuous improvement
  • receive professional feedback from your practicum coach, who will view and comment on one of your lessons
  • develop a personal learning program going forward
  • receive a letter of recommendation from our partner school to use in your job applications
  • earn an accredited certificate from eTEFL Online Teacher Training
In addition, you will have access to a course manager/tutor throughout the course for any questions you might have.
Our 120-Hour Online TEFL/TESOL courses are accredited by the UK’s Online TEFL and TESOL Standards Agency (OTTSA) to ensure that the course content, methodology, and delivery meet international standards.
This means that our certificates are internationally recognized and accepted worldwide by agencies, employers, and governments.
To verify our accreditation status, visit  
Our practical and specialist programs are accredited by the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Group to ensure that our systems and processes meet international standards.
This means that your training is presented and backed by an organization with a proven track record and which adheres to privacy, data protection, assessment and quality assurance, equal opportunity, and centre management policies.
You can check our accreditation status with the CPD group here CPD Accreditation Status (centre number 779727)



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