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Status : Program Open
Embassy : Open
Vaccination Required : Yes
PCR Required to Enter : No

Myanmar, also known as Burma, is a sovereign state in Southeast Asia that is bordered by India, Bangladesh, China, Laos and Thailand. Myanmar is at the centre of the cultural and ethnical crossroads of Indo-China which creates a unique blend of cultures and religions seen nowhere else in Southeast Asia. One-third of Myanmar’s borders are uninterrupted coastline along the Andaman Sea and the Bay of Bengal.

Myanmar is the largest country in Southeast Asia, and the 40th largest country in the world. The Myanmar population is estimated at around 48.3 Million. It is fast becoming a hotspot for adventure travelers. The main languages spoken are Burmese and English. There are varying dialects of Burmese spoken throughout the country.

Myanmar still lacks technological development; it is not surprising to see a majority of the people traveling by horse and buggy as well as bicycles and trishaws, rather than driving cars. Cell phones and ATM’s are both rarities in Myanmar, making the country particularly attractive if you are looking for an escape from modern technology.

One very alluring aspect of Myanmar is that the country has an unparalleled concentration of temple architecture, featuring sophisticated techniques and vaulting that is unseen in any other Asian civilisation. Bagan, in particular, has the densest concentration of Buddhist temples anywhere in Southeast Asia.

- Teachers can expect to earn between 1,400,000 to 1,700,000 Myanmar Kyat per month
- 6 and 12 month contracts
- Full orientation and training will be given to each applicant before they start work
- Great placement locations in Yangon City
- Teaching in language centres
- Accommodation during the orientation
- Comprehensive job placement service & post- placement support
- Full background check on school
- Contract negotiation Visa support
- Documentation & assistance in opening a bank account
- Airport pickup Lifetime Placement

Placements in Myanmar are in language centres or local private schools
There are 4 types of English lessons
- General English Classes
- Private Tuition
- Specialized classes for business
- Exam-prep
Teachers will most likely teach all ages throughout a week, developing and broadening their skillset

Cultural Immersion
Many of the issues and challenges that one faces when teaching in a foreign country are rooted in cultural differences and language barriers. Gaining a thorough understanding of language, history and culture is imperative to making a success of teaching in Myanmar.

preparing to teach abroad with this mindset results in a smoother cultural integration, making the experience more enjoyable and enlightening.
Our cultural immersion course delves into the heart of Burmese culture and values through in-class instruction/lectures, and active-learning cultural excursions to various sites of cultural and historical significance. The in-country orientation is punctuated by in- class language lessons to build a strong foundation in Burmese language.

- Guided tour of the Shwedagon Pagoda
- Walking tour of downtown
- Myanmar/Burmese cooking class
- Lethwei class (Burmese Boxing)
- Intro to Buddhism and meditation
- Excursions are subject to change based on your program and weather
- Welcome group dinner


- Degree or Non-Degree Holders
- 120 Hour TEFL/TESOL/CELTA certificate
- Aged 20 and 40. Applicants older will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis
- Minimum of 12 month commitment
- Native English speakers
- Good Mental and Physical Health
- No criminal history
- South Africa passport Only - no other African passport holders
(US, Canada, NZ, Australian, Irish or British accepted too)

Start/Finish Dates

Start dates throughout the year:

Visa Info

Visa Support by our partners to obtain a work visa to live and work for a year in Myanmar

You will be provided with a comprehensive visa checklist. Items such as your Bachelor’s degree, Transcripts, Police check, Health form, TEFL/TESOL Certificate, References, Employment contract to name a few


Admin fee R9950
Service fee Please see More Info below
Program fee USD$550 - Degree USD$625 - Non-Degree
Visa fees USD$50-80
Travel Insurance R7575 - Up to 29 years incl R10 145 - Over 29 years
Airfare (approx) R10 000 - R15 000
Recommended Spending Money USD$700-1100


Application Time:
Average of 4 - 6 months from the initial application until arrival in Myanmar

Application Process:
Contact OVC today to begin the process. You will need to meet the requirements listed in the eligibility section. OVC will give a full checklist of documents to gather to begin the placement process.

Working hand in hand with our partners in Myanmar you will be placed, attend an online and in country arrival orientation and move smoothly onto your placement to begin your Asian adventure!

More Info

Additional costs for Documentation Budget:
- Visa - USD$50-80
- SAPS Clearance - R160
- Bank Acc Setup - USD$10
- Medication Shots/Vaccination - USD$0-500*
- Refundable House deposit - USD$100-250**

*No shots are 100% compulsory except COVID19. Consult your doctor for shots
**If requesting own room during course/orientation, and personal room is available, costs is an additional $300

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