USA Hospitality Internships - Loan Program - ON HOLD UNTIL 29 FEB 2020



OVC is proud to be working hand in hand with our local and international partners to offer young South Africans the opportunity to work in the USA for 1 year on a hospitality internship program at leading resorts and hotels throughout the USA.

Now is the time to gather valuable international work experience in the field of Culinary, F&B and Rooms Division positions. The program training plans are put together on a rotational basis during the 12 months, so you will work within different departments and roles throughout the resorts to gain as much knowledge and experience in your field. On your return to South Africa, you would be able to include this international work experience and continue to climb the ladder within the industry locally!

OVC partner with unique local funders for this opportunity and these partners will pay all the costs up front barring an application/commitment fee and whilst working you will pay this upfront cost back to them from your monthly stipend you are earning in the USA.

Program Objectives:
- Practical hands-on training in your field of study or work experience
- Cultural Exchange – to learn about America and to share your SA culture with America
- Learn the American hospitality industry from a 4 or 5* resort and hotel in the USA and bring this knowledge back to SA
- 12 Month placement only – you will return to SA prior the end of 12 months
- Earn money to pay your loan and monthly expenses, in some circumstances depending on hours you would be able to save a bit of extra money each week


Listen to a recorded webinar of our Hospitality Internship USA option:
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Typical Internship Position Information:

- Culinary/ Food and Beverage/ Front Office and Rotational positions available
- Minimum of 32 working hours per week and more depending on the season
- Minimum of $10 per hour
- 4-5* hotels
- Hotel groups such as Marriott/Hilton/ Ritz Carlton/Omni and many more popular brands
- Placements throughout the USA
- Shared housing close to work - 2 or more interns will share a room while on the program, apartments are charged per person for the room
- Transport, Food, personal items and any other emergencies not covered by insurance are for your own expense
- Loan repayment per month
- This program is not a money-making opportunity and should not be seen as an opportunity to send money back home, you will earn enough money to pay the above expenses each month and possibly save a little extra money at times


1. Must be a current full-time student at a post-secondary ministerially recognized institute outside the USA
2. Must have completed studies and if no valid work experience must enter the US within 12 months of last exam date
3. If graduated more then 12 months ago then the applicant must have a qualification with at least 12 months work experience in their field of study
4. Have at least 5 years of work experience outside the United States in a specific occupation

- OLDEST AGE TO ENTER AMERICA: Enter prior 30th Birthday
- Proficient in English
- We accept SA passport holders
- Finances available to pay program costs
- Good budgeting skills
- Hard working, efficient, committed to a 12-month placement

Start/Finish Dates

All year round

Visa Info

12 Month J1 intern/trainee visa program.

Two options are available:
1. Trainee Program
This option is available if you have one of the following:
a) A professional qualification (certificate/degree/diploma and at least 1 year’s professional experience in the same field)
b) At least 5 years experience in a specific field.

2. Internship Program
This option is available to students between 19-29 years of age who are currently enrolled or are within 12 months of graduation and who would like to gain experience in the same field of study.

Repeat participation is allowed under following conditions:
- In all cases, repeat participation should address the development of more advanced skills or a different field of expertise
- Interns may repeat as interns if they are still a student or recent graduate
- Trainees may repeat after a 2 year period of residency outside the USA.
- Interns who wish to be Trainees may do so after a 2 year period of residency outside the USA


Admin fee R500
Program fee R11 000
Other fees SEE MORE INFO
Visa fees Included
Travel Insurance Included
Airfare (approx) Included - SEE MORE INFO
Recommended Spending Money Minimum of R5000


- Gather application documents and pay R500 to your OVC office
- Application is sent to the Program Manager for review
- Once approved by the Program Manager - applicant is to pay R5000
- Await interview - you may not be placed on your first interview. We will continue to interview you with employers until placed
- Once placed pay program fee of R6000
- Finance documentation is compiled by the office
- OVC Arranges all your visa and travel arrangements
- Applicant partakes in an induction meeting for preparation of the learnership program for the USA before departing to the USA
- Applicant travels to the USA

More Info

Other Fees
Local Transport in SA
Flights to the USA depart from JNB – Applicant must cover the cost to get to JNB airport on the day of departure
Mandatory Spending Money
Applicants must change R5000 to dollars to take with to America

Program Loan Includes
- Applicant Screening and Placement with US employer
- J-1 visa sponsorship and issuing of DS 2019 forms.
- Orientation in SA and USA
- Health and travel insurance - major medical emergencies only
- Return flights from Johannesburg, rent contribution upfront, stipend
- Support while in the USA
- Learnership and an NQF4 qualification at the end of your program

Minimum wages - $10 x 40 hours/week = $400
Rental varies from $60 to $150/week - on average usually $125
Loan deduction - Approx $97.50

Balance left for transport/ food / tax and personal expenses = Approx $175+

Please note this is not a money making program unless applicants work more than 40 hours which is possible at times or are paid more than $10 per hour which is also possible as it varies from resort to resort.  

OVC is offering a funded program to work/live and travel in America and gain international experience  

Older applicants who have permanent jobs and family to support here in SA, need to understand this is not an option to send money back home. This program is for 19 to 29-year-olds wanting to gain some American experience.