(Current Tertiary Students & Recent Graduates - Aged 18-30) 
Work for 12 months.
Anytime of the year?
18 to 30 years of age.
Full-time tertiary level students at recognized educational institutions.
Rrecent graduates may apply, as long as you have a South African passport. 

The programme is non-placement, which means that you have the freedom to find your own job overseas.

Programme Benefits
A 12-month work visa available year round
Comprehensive Participant Handbook
Competitive flexible student tickets and travel insurance
Arrival orientation in Toronto or Vancouver
2 nights accommodation on arrival
Support services from our co-operators
The chance to earn money in order to travel independently
A worthwhile addition to your CV.
Complimentary ISIC, saving you money

Work Visa
Your student working visa is valid for 12 months from the date of entering Canada, after which your visa expires and you will have to leave the country. You have 12 months from the date of visa issuance to leave South Africa and enter Canada to validate your visa. The complete visa process may take up to 3 months.

Types of Jobs

Work Canada is a non-placement programme and attracts students who are independent and confident in finding their own job. Back-up support will be offered by our partner organization, so you are never alone. The type of work depends on you, however most participants tend to work in the hospitality and tourism industries, restaurants, hotel, retail, etc. There is more to this programme than just hard work. There will be time for travel too. Finding a job is a matter of timing and it depends on your approach. Some find jobs fairly quickly, while others don't. On average it takes 1 to 2 weeks during the peak season and 2 to 3 weeks otherwise.You will be paid at least minimum wage. However some jobs pay more. Bar staff including waitrons are paid minimum wage plus tips, although this varies with each province. You should take enough money to support yourself for at least a month and a half, since you are often paid fortnightly. A deposit is also required for housing. Keep in mind, you can survive on your salary and still have fun. Our co-operator will advise you of the taxes that will be deducted, unfortunately there is no way of getting around this.

Support services
SWAP is the Canadian Federation of Students host organisation in Canada. You will be provided services and advice by the Federations wholly owned subsidiary, the Canadian University Travel Service Ltd. TRAVEL CUTS is a student organisation, concerned with international educational exchange and student travel. Their offices are based in Vancouver as well as Toronto and they are there to offer assistance throughout your visit in Canada.

Orientation is compulsory once in Canada. You will be given vital information needed for your stay. Orientation is in either Toronto or Vancouver. Issues such as tax payments and National Insurance are covered.