Volunteer Nepal

Volunteer Nepal


Kathmandu, Nepal

The city is the urban core of the Kathmandu Valley in the Himalayas, which contains two sister cities: Lalitpur (Patan), 5 kilometres to its south and Bhaktapur or Bhadgaon, 12 kilometres to its east, and a number of smaller towns. It is also acronymed as KTM and named tri-city. Kathmandu, and particularly the tourist area Thamel, has a large variety of Western food, shopping, guest houses and internet cafes. However, even this can have an old-world feel with its labyrinth of small restaurants and shops.

You can choose between 2 program types:

Volunteer Program - no extra travel or sight-seeing excursions included.
Volunteer & Travel Program - extra travel & sight-seeing excursions included.

For both programs, accommodation, transport and food are included.


Volunteers selflessly offer their time and services to those in need and walk away with an incredible feeling of contribution and fulfilment. Volunteering has its share of delightful perks:

- Unique way of travel
- Meet new people & make new friends
- Acquire life & career-enhancing experiences & skills
- Have fun & fulfilment in your life

Volunteering requires no special degree or prior experience. What’s more needed is simply a willingness to help.

Our partner offers a unique combination of volunteering projects and action-packed adventure travel in a fun, safe, educational and well-organized environment.
They find the best international volunteer programs that fit our clients after taking into account your interests and project requirements. They offer many different volunteer projects in India, Nepal, Thailand, Vietnam and Sri Lanka. Each location presents a unique opportunity to create positive change both in the communities served and within you.

The dedicated professional staff of our local partner in Asia work around the year, ensuring that clients are volunteering with a project that interests them and is contributing directly to the goals of each community.

Volunteering Themes:

- Women Empowerment
- Child Care
- Teaching
- Mentally Challenged School or Developmental Disability School
- Orphan Care Home
- Medical & Nursing
- Beautification & Renovation
- Elephant Village
- Animal Care & Rescue


- Minimum age 18, no max.
- Intermediate level of English
- Police clearance verification document
- Need to be open-minded and open to new and different cultures

Start/Finish Dates

This program starts on a Monday twice a month and is available throughout the year.

You can choose to go from 2 weeks up to 12 weeks, with the option to extend.

Visa Info

For programs up to 3 months: tourist visa.
For longer programs – talk to your OVC Crew Member and they will tell you about the appropriate visa.


Admin fee R4500
Program fee R7 452 to R37 861 (depends on program & duration)
Visa fees Most are free, dependent on country & duration
Travel Insurance R750 to R2 550 (depending on duration)
Airfare (approx) R9 000 to R12 000 (depending on destination)
Recommended Spending Money R1 500 a week


Registration is simple, hassle-free and quick. Contact your local OVC office for an online application form.
- Make an appointment with your consultant to discuss the location, duration and type of program that you would like to do and pay the Admin Fee.
- Depending on the duration and country that you would like to visit, you will need to apply for a Visa. Your Consultant will be able to advise on Visas, Airfares and Travel Insurance for your trip.
- Once you have been accepted and receive placement, you would need to pay the applicable Program Fee.

More Info

Please note that the program fee will only be refundable up to 2 weeks before departure.